Easy Fire Smoke Effect Tutorial [Blender 3D].

After created the ashtray and cigarette, now I’m gonna try to add some fire smoke effect on cigarette object. Finger cross it’ll give the result we want hahaha. You can create this cool effect in manual or automatic method. To save us a headache we will use the automatic method :).

Open your cigarette blender file, and create a cylinder. This cylinder object will be the source of our fire and smoke. Place it to the end of randomize vertex area.

Active the cylinder and go to object —> quick effects —> quick smoke. You will see orange cube that surrounded the cylinder object. In blender 3d we call the orange cube is a domain, and the cylinder is flow. Now try to click on play animation button. The smoke appear from the cylinder object.

You can adjust the size and position of domain box to have bigger and taller smoke.

To make it look more cool, we can add fire effect by click cylinder, go to Physics editor, and change Flow Type = Fire + Smoke.

Play the animation again and now we also have fire effect.

If you want more detail smoke effect, active Smoke High Resolution on domain Physics editor. But, it took longer for your computer to render the result.

Smoke and Fire Density:

We will try to take this effect more details in texture by setting smoke density and the fire material to be flame. Select the domain (orange cube) object and create a new texture. We set the domain texture to Smoke Density and the fire to flame material. Set the smoke density to 0.3

Note: Because we experienced with this smoke parameter, we probably produce or create a smoke cache. Sometimes this application¬†can caused no animation on smoke. That’s why we have to remove/delete this smoke cache. Still in Physics editor, choose domain, and then click on Free All Bakes button followed by Bake button.

If you want to change the flame light, set the Emission parameter = 5.

Give the flame another color and set its transparency.

And for the Intensity of the flame:

You can hide the flow object (usually its cylinder 002) by uncheck the camera icon.

Feel free to play around with domain and flow parameter. But, always remember to click Free All Bakes and Bake button when you see no changing or no animation playing.

Fire Smoke

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