[Blender 3d] Glossy and Glass Material in Cycles.

After I show you how to add basic light source and material in cycles, this time we will learning about glossy and glass material in cycles. The process is similar to diffuse BSDF. So, let’s get started okay?.

Glossy Material:

Select the pyramid or you can add other object to your scene, and then create a new material with Surface = BSDF; Color = Yellow. If you have another object and want to apply the same material as your first object, click on the second object and then the first object. Next press Shift + L (Make Links) and choose Materials.

Try to render it.

Note: To get more flat reflective effect change Normal = Texture Coordinate | Normal. Basically just play with its option to get different result.

Glass Material:

Now, what about glass material?. Yup, you guess it right!. The step is same, you only need to change the Surface option to Glass BSDF. Change the color as well if you want to. Don’t forget to set the IOR value. I add mine 1.450.

Image UV Map in Cycles:

I also want to take this opportunity to show you how to add image uv map in cycles render. For this learning, we will use a simple box object. Active the object and create a new material. On Surface, keep choose Diffuse BSDF. But, on Color choose Image Texture. Upload your UV image.

If you still can’t see it after you render test, enter edit mode, select front face, and Unwrap it (shortcut U —> Unwrap). Change your editor type to UV/Image editor, and browse your image.

Your next task, if it’s necessary, is to scale, rotate, move the the orange border until its fit on your image.

Last, render it.

Glossy and Glass Material in Cycles

Okay, that’s it. Sorry if the final render look not so fancy. My goal for now is just to show blender 3d beginner user the basic steps. Hope this glossy and glass material in Cycles article is helpful though. See you next time!.

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