[Blender 3D] Inverse Kinematic and Subdivide Bone.

The opposite version of Forward Kinematic is Inverse Kinematic. In this post we will learn about IK and how to subdivide a existing bone. If you read my previous post, I’m sure you now know how to add bone and apply rigging on it.

Open our last practice file, and to active Inverse Kinematic you just need to check Auto IK box on option.

If you try to move bone #3, then bone #1 & #2 will also move. I don’t use this version if I want to rig object. Not a fan I guess hehehe.

Subdivide Bone:

Instead of Extrude a bone, we also can divide an existing one. We will learn this technique by create a Y letter. I won’t show you step by step to create a Y letter, as we just use basic object. But, here’s the run down:

  • Cube object, change the height value ( Z Axis ).
  • Enter edit mode.
  • Create 3 new horizontal segments ( Ctrl + R ).
  • Split top face, move the middle top edge on Z Axis.
  • Remove all the transformation pattern, press Ctrl + A —> Rotation & Scale.

  • Extrude Individual the 2 top face. First EI is short, the second is a little bit long.

  • Add Subdivision Surface to make it smooth.

Next, go add bone like I show you on previous post, make some placement and rotation, and extrude. It’s should be like this:

To Subdivide 2 top bones, you just need to select them, and press W —> Subdivide.

Here’s the result after I give it rigging and re-arrange the modifier position.

Inverse Kinematic Subdivide Bone

Again, thank you very much for sticking with my little blog so far. I really appreciate it. If my content is useful for you, please let me know on twitter, so I’ll be more motivated to run this blog. If you have question, just comment below. Next tutorial we will discuss about Lattice and Volume Light.

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