[Blender 3D] Particle Object in Dynamic Still Image.

There’s an advantage from blender 3d animation tool. We can create a dynamic still image, just like I show you on cloth article. In this post we will learn how to make multiple objects using particle feature and capture it as a dynamic still image.

Open a new file and create a plane (dimension = 16×16) and Mesh -→ UV Sphere with dimension 4x4x4.

Next I’m gonna add random object from Extra Object add. Add 4 difference object of your choice. If you don’t see Extra Object on your menu, go to File -→ User Preferences -→ Addons tab -→ Add Mesh categories -→ Extra Objects. As you can see below, I have gear, sponge, diamond, and torus knot.

Next, select the 4 objects, create a new group, and name it particle objects.

We will add an object as the source of our particle objects. For this practice I choose Cube. Select the Cube and on Particle editor, set the parameters like the picture below:

Now, go head press the animation play button. You will se our particle objects comes out from the Cube, right?.

To hide the original objects, just select all the objects on particle objects group, press M on keyboard, and click layer slot #2. To hidden the Cube object (particle source), just uncheck Emitter box. I want our particle having a variety orientation, so active Rotation with value Random = 1. On Velocity tab, change Other: Random (2) so the particle object can have widen space when its fall.

Physics Collision:

One thing is missing is the particle won’t stop falling from its source. We want them to stop when they touch the plane. It’s quiet simple actually, just select the plane and on Physics editor click Collision button. Play animation again. To eliminate the bounce effect, set Particle Damping: Factor = 1. Also don’t forget to change Particle Friction: Factor = 0.2. Apply the same Physics parameter on Sphere object as well.

Last one, I want the particle objects keep falling at the same duration with our animation. So I change the lifetime to 100.


Particle Object in Dynamic Still Image

For next tutorial, we will add material on our Sphere and particle objects. Hopefully this particle object in dynamic still image post useful for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on twitter, alright?.

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