[Blender 3D] Compositing For Eye Catching Render Result.

Having fun with particle objects, yet?. As I promise we will add material on our previous project. And now we will try using compositing in hoping to get more eye catching render result. No more small talk okay, so let’s get start it.

Open your particle object file, select the Sphere, and create a new material with Texture Type: Image or Movie. I choose one of my old illustration I created some time ago as my texture image. You can choose whatever texture you want.

Active your layer slot #2 where we hidden our 4 extra object and give simple color material to each of them.

Try to render it. Here’s my result:

Blend Sky Background:

For background I only use World, check paper sky & blend sky, and active Ambient Occlusion.

I also make our plane transparent by active its Shadow Only option.


Some of you probably happy with the render result. But, we can get a better eye catching render by using compositing. Switch your screen layout to compositing and check Use Nodes & Auto Render like mine below:

Now, you can add another node to get different result. Basically, it’s like you using filter on photoshop/gimp photo editing software.

Example, if I want to have a glare effect, I add Filter -→ Glare node.

Color -→ RGB Curve node:

Distort -→ Lens Distortion:

Compositing For Eye Catching Render Result

Just play with it until you get the picture you want. On next article we will discuss another cool feature on blender which is Depth of Field. You can get more eye catching and interesting result with this feature. So, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. See ya!.

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