Sky, Sunlight, Halo and Flare Effect in Blender 2.78.

This sky, sunlight, halo and flare effect in Blender 2.78 is the last part of my little island tutorial series. If you new to this series, please check out the previous articles below:

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  2. Land and Grass Material.
  3. Ocean Sea Water.
  4. Create Simple Tree.

Sky and Sunlight in Blender 3d:

Because of this object is an outside object, we will add a sunlight instead, not point light. With sunlight the shadow will be parallel. Add a lamp object and select it. For more details parameter, look image below:

sunlight blender 3d

Here’s my render result. For beginner level, it’s pretty good, right?. 🙂

Sky, Sunlight, Halo and Flare Effect in Blender 2.78 1

Halo and Flare Effect in Blender 3D:

Now, we will try to make our light have some sun effect. Our sunlight will not come from lamp but instead it’s from vertex object. Simply follow step by step instruction below:

1. Create a plane by Shift + A and choose Mesh —> Plane. It doesn’t have to be a big plane, just a small one, as long as its visible. Place it above island object.

2. Active plane object and create a new material with parameter setting like image show below:

halo effect setting blender 3d

Sky, Sunlight, Halo and Flare Effect in Blender 2.78 2

You probably don’t like with my halo parameter setting. Feel free to play with all value as you like.

Well, that’s it!. I hope this very short blender tutorial is useful for someone out there. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe, friends!.

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