UV Mapping & Constant Lamp in Blender 3D.

Using our previous project, wall clock, now we will learn how to create a material using UV Mapping & Constant Lamp in Blender 3D. Artist usually use UV Mapping if they want to achieve more realistic render result. It’s more complicated process, but the end result won’t disappointed you.

This blender 3d tutorial for beginner will show you the very basic steps of how to apply uv mapping material on object. If you already understand the principle of its process, you can play more with this feature.

For the purpose of this practice, we will create a wall for our clock. Make your view from front view, create a plane object, rotate our clock to 90 degrees X axis, and then place our clock on plane face.

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp 1

Now create a new material without change any parameter value. Next create a new texture. You already know how to do it, right?. On Image option search for your stone wall material on your folder/library. On Mapping option, choose Coordination: UV and Projection: Flat.

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp 2

Select plane object, change your viewport to front view and enter edit mode. Switch your outliner panel to UV/Image panel. Back to viewport and press shortcut U and click Project From View. On UV/Image panel, search your stone wall material, scale and move the orange border along to X or Y axis, so it will proportional on your plane. See picture below:

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp 3

Try to do a test render. Btw, apply basic material on your clock if you haven’t. Mine will look like this:

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp 4

If you want display some roughness on your stone wall, stiil in texture slot, on Influence option change Geometry Normal to 0.2, then render again.

How to Add Constant Lamp in Blender 3D:

Add a point lamp if you haven’t already and change the falloff to constant with distance value 50. On shadow option change the samples to 10 and and soft size to 10. See my settings below for more details:

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp 5

And here’s my final render. Tadaaaa, what do you think?, pretty cool, huh?.

UV Mapping & Constant Lamp in Blender 3D

I hope some of you find this article helpful, and if you have question feel free to ask me on comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe and thank you for reading!.


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