Convert Video File Type with VLC.

Modern technology make internet connections a basic necessity for everyone. Especially with so many social media and file sharing websites. Nowadays the internet is used for various purposes. Starting from looking for entertainment, work or networking, and to make money as a freelancer. There are several ways to get income from the internet. One of them is to become a content creator.

If you are a creative person you might want to try this method. One of the content medium is video. The problem that is often faced by video content creator is the incompatibility of video files created/recorded when it’s time to upload to the internet. This is because each website have different video container regulations. The solution is to change the video file type. I personally choose VLC and quicktime for conversion from MP4 to MOV / M4V.

VLC is a video player that actually has very useful features. But you have to look deeper into the software, including this video conversion facility. With VLC player you can play almost any video container, including MP4, AVI, FLV, and MKV. To access the conversion feature, click Media —> Convert / Save. Then click the Add button and select the video you want to change the file type. And then click the Convert/Save button.

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VLC & SMPlayer Snapshot is Not Working. This is How to Fix It!.

For me one of the tool that “a must have” if I want to download a video player is a screenshot. This is probably because of my blogging activity, create gifs and motion graphics. What about you?. How important is the screenshot feature in the video player?. For the past 2 months, the screenshot feature on 2 video players I use, VLC & SMPlayer, doesn’t seems work at all. So for temporary I use screenshots in-built video player [Ubuntu 16.04] which is unfortunately is not always function properly.

This problem appear after I updated from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 version. But, it turned out just a setting preferences mistake, not bugs. If you experience the same problem, here’s how to fix it.


Open your VLC player and access Tools —> Preferences —> Input/Codecs. In Codecs (Hardware-accelerated decoding) section there are several options that you can choose. Select one of the option from the bottom three as shown below. You can see I chose Disable.

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Sending Encrypted Files with Firefox Send.

In today’s internet era, there are so many service out there that offer file sharing feature. On my own personal experience, I like to send file using messenger application like whatsapp, telegram, and fb messenger only for friends and family. Maybe because they are not secretly files hahaha.

But for the work use, one of the most commonly used file sharing is email or cloud-based such as dropbox. The services I mentioned above are private or public. What if we want it public but also private and encrypted (confidential) ?. You can try the latest services from Firefox/Mozilla Foundation named Firefox Send.

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[Ubuntu 16.04 LTS] How to Change Terminal Theme Font & Color.

For Linux user, when you open your terminal you will greet with the default theme. A white font color on dark/black background. But, did you know you actually can change theme color and font as you like, just in case if you get bored :). Here’s how to do it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

Terminal Theme Font:

Open your terminal and right click choose Profiles —> Profile Preferences. On general tab you can rename the profile first. You also can change the shape of the cursor and text appearance. Check the custom font box if you want to make a change for font style. As you can see I have Tlwg Mono Bold with size 12.

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