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The Seneca Twin Over Full Bunk Bed.

After I’m finished my Schreiber Teak wardrobe, the final 3d model of my 70s furniture blender asset. Now I move to the 80s. I’m planning to modeling 3 asset of beds from this era. Yesterday I searched the internet and found this product, the seneca twin over full bunk bed. Google it if you want to buy it for your children room or for a cabin. What I like about this bed is efficient, lot of space, strong, and always suited for any theme. It’s simply a combination of modern and craftsman touch.

If you want to buy this model as a part of your interior design asset, feel free to contact me. Cheers.


Schreiber Teak Bedroom Set.

Schreiber Teak Finish 70’s Bedroom Set ( 3 tall units + chest of drawers )

This wardrobe 3d blender model is a classic mid century furniture that made in 1975. This one set include 3 tall unit, the one in the middle have chest of drawers with empty space that you can add mirror on it. The original product only have wood material. I put some color so it have more 70s vibe. This model is probably my last 3d for 70s bedroom inspiration.

Contact me if you want to purchase its blender 3d file.