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An easy tutorial for tumblr beginner

Tips to Download Tumblr Video Directly from Chrome Browser.

I’m so happy that I can write another tips to download a video from internet. If on my previous post I show you how to download a youtube video, this time I’m gonna show you a simple method to download tumblr video directly from your browser. You don’t need a program for this, all you need just right click.

Even though I don’t spend so much time on tumblr, but I think tumblr is a great website if you looking some inpiration for art and design. And tumblr creators is so generous to share their talent by posting a work in progress kinda video. For my own learning process, I like to download some of them, and this is how I do it.

I’ll assume you already on tumblr page where you want to get its video, right?. Right click on video frame and choose view frame source.

Continue reading Tips to Download Tumblr Video Directly from Chrome Browser.

Tutorial to Publish Post Automatically on Facebook.

If on my previous post, i show you how to tweet your blog post automatically, then on this new article, I’m gonna show you how to publish your blog post on facebook. Facebook is more private social networking, so if you wanna brag a little to your family and friends about your blog, and don’t like it if you have to click that share button every time you create new post, you definitely need this app.

We’re gonna use another feed service call RSS Graffiti. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you already log in on facebook, and search for RSS Graffiti app. Click on Add New Publishing Plan button. If the app ask your permission, click Allow. Now enter your blog name on publishing name, and click Create Publishing Plan button.

2. On source, click Add New button. A box will pop-out, enter your feeds URL. If you want to use default feed, simply enter the feeds URL like this: Continue reading Tutorial to Publish Post Automatically on Facebook.

Get More Social with Tumblr Follow Me Button.

Tumblr is one of the people’s favorite blogging platform. It has a strong community base and perfect for creator like designer, artist, or phographer. I see a lot of blogspot or wordpress blog has no tumblr follow me button on their blog. If you by any chances are a creator and has this two blog platform, adding tumblr follow me button probably a smart move. It drive new readership and possible potential new client, right?.

I stumble across to this site, pixelspread.com and they have several tumblr follow me button for you. Pick one that seems match with your template or theme. My tutorial for beginner this time is to help you how to add it on your blog.

1. First, go check pixelspread, for more tumblr button. I pick white button for this tutorial.

2. Go to Layout on your blogspot blog dashboard or widget on WordPress. Click Add Gadget, and choose HTML/Javascript, and for wordpress choose Text widget. On its window copy – paste the code below on content box, add title, or just leave empty if you have other social media button in same area of your template. Continue reading Get More Social with Tumblr Follow Me Button.