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MALMSTA and TRYSIL Dark Nightstand.

Here I have 2 type 3d model of nightstand that you can choose. You can find this products on ikea website. The bigger one is from TRYSIL. It’s pretty big and have more storage room for your stuff. The smaller one is from MALMSTA. The top shelf is made from glass. This sidetable can help you organized by separate your magazine, notepad, cellphone, etc.

If you want this 3d object on your interior scene, contact me. Thank you.

TRYSIL Wardrobe with Sliding Doors.

Hello guys, this one is a quick 3d modelling. I have decided to switch to modeling Ikea product. If you have a client who looking for a simple and cheap wardrobe, maybe this TRYSIL wardrobe is a good option. Its sliding doors can help you minimize your space. The pull-out drawers is working smooth and you also can add skubb box if you want.

Contact me if you want to purchase its 3d file for your interior scene. Thank you!.

White Green Diagonal Lines Bed.

Like what I said on my previous 3d product, leather platform bed, the 80s beds design fill with unconventional shape and color. Some people say, the 80s probably have the worst design in interior. If you look online, you will see some design that maybe make you cringe. I found this bed design that I think will fit on your whatever bedroom theme you want to make.

It’s 4 separated beds that put it all together. You can make it just a single bed and use 2 extra beds for another function. Contact me if you want this 3d blender file.