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Secret to Bring Back Twitter “Worldwide” Trends.

Around the beginning of April 2020, Twitter updated their explore trends feature by remove the choice of worldwide trends in the timeline. They tweeted that they are developing an explore feature which will later display more relevant content for various locations that users can choose from.

7 months running and there is no latest update of the trends feature that Twitter promised. We can no longer select the trends “worldwide” option on the explore location tab. The secret to bring back twitter worldwide trends option is to set it up via a tablet or smartphone that still has the old version of Twitter installed before the update after April 2020.

Fortunately, my old iPad 2, which is stuck with its ios 9 still has Twitter old version hahaha. So, just open the Twitter app on your tablet/smartphone, access the search/explore tab, click show more —> icon settings. Turn off “trends for you” and in the change location section, type worldwide. The choice will appear. Don’t forget to click Done. Continue reading Secret to Bring Back Twitter “Worldwide” Trends.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Fix Twitter “The media could not be played” on Vivaldi Browser.

The plan is to continue my AutoCAD for Mac serie but I can’t. Why?. Because my Macbook Air is broken and it’s frustrating. If you’re one of my youtube subscriber, you won’t get new video anyime soon. So, here I am back to my Ubuntu laptop and decided to write an article about what I just experienced while I’m surfing the Internet.

I uninstalled firefox from my ubuntu laptop because the latest version is slower and sometimes its freeze that I need to reboot my. From what I read on Ubuntu software center, I’m not the only one. So, I found this new browser, Vivaldi, a few months back. The browser have some cool features (we will talk about it another time) but when I open twitter it show a message “the media could no be played” when someone post a video.

Continue reading Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Fix Twitter “The media could not be played” on Vivaldi Browser.

Connect with Followers Using Twitter Updates Widget.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking right now. For webmaster/blogger it’s a good tool for marketing, networking, back link, or just to meet new friends. Adding twitter on your blog is a must. Either it’s a image button that redirect to your twitter profile or a widget. With twitter widget, your tweets will stream on your blog and your visitor can tweet you direct from your blog. It’s pretty cool right?.

I’m sure you can find 3rd party with their very own twitter widget. But, do you know, you actually can built twitter widget from your account. I like this approach better, it’s official twitter widget, so it’s more safe and secure. And you don’t have to worry about the bug. Continue reading Connect with Followers Using Twitter Updates Widget.