LibreCad Tutorial: Simple Floor Plan Workflow Pt.3

We’re here in the last part of our LibreCad Tutorial: Simple Floor Plan Workflow (at least that’s what I think ☺ ). From 2 previous post, you have learned about:

1. Setting, Line, Copy/Move, Offset and
2. Rectangle, Mirror, Arc, Trim.

If you’re a beginner to LibreCAD, feel free to visit these link above. In this part 3 of the serie, we will learn how to add hatch, text/font, and dimension info to our project. Open the last saved file that we work on last tutorial. As you can see I added more area/room like office, stairs, bathroom and door & window element. I won’t show you how I draw it anymore, because it’s just basic tool that I already explain on the link above.


Hatch is usually symbolize of an element. Most of CAD based program have hatch for concrete, grass, brick, clay, stone, etc. There’s one limitation to apply hatch in LibreCAD. You can’t apply hatch by pick a point choice. It’s only by select an object. So if you want to apply to column element it’s quicker if it’s a rectangle than lines object. Select column object and click hatch icon. Hatch window option will appear, I choose solid hatch this time.

Also make sure the draft tool is deactivated. If it’s active the hatch won’t be visible. Copy and place all the hatch if its necessary.

Note: You need to draw single rectangle for column in perpendicular position.


To apply a text on LibreCAD is quiet simple. Click on MText icon and its window dialog will open. Type your text and change your font, size, angle, alignment, etc if you want. I suggest you to keep the text font to standard so it can read on your drawing area. Click on the area where you want to place the text.


Before you add dimension info on your floor plan, you need to setup its setting first. See the picture below for all the option (open Current Drawing Application). Once you happy with your setting click OK.

Now, click Measure icon, choose the direction of your dimension text. Pick a point and click another point to get the dimension info of line. Of course you need to adjust with your drawing shape. Repeat the process until you get all the dimension info that you need.

This is it!. The end of LibreCad Tutorial: Simple Floor Plan Workflow serie. If you still find it’s difficult to follow this article instruction, just subscribe to my youtube so you can watch the video version. If I find LibreCAD technique that I think worth a share I will write about it. Again, thank you for reading and see you on next tutorial. Ciao…

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  1. I would like to draw up a plan of my home. However, before I do that I would like to produce a site plan showing my house block and the position of my home on the block. The trouble is, my block is an odd shape. Two sides are parallel but the other two sides fan out. I have the length of each side and the angle of each side relative to true north. How do you suggest I go about drawing up the site plan in LibreCAD?

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