[Gimp] Masking Using Brush Tool.

After learning the different between masking and compositing, now it’s time to apply the masking method on a simple project. Although I have briefly mentioned “how to masking” on my previous post, I still want to make a more detail article, and this time we will learn from the easiest way, which is masking using brush tool.

Change Background Layer to Regular layer:

Everytime we open a new image in Photoshop, a new layer with name background will be created. If we want to work using a masking tool, we need to change it to regular layer. Why?. Because background layer don’t support layer mask. To change it, double click on layer and on layer window change the layer name to whatever you want.

However in gimp the image automatically created as a regular layer and you can rename it in the same way.

Create Layer Mask:

Your layer mask is already active now, to apply it right click on layer list window and choose add layer mask.

Check Black (Full Transparency) on layer mask window, don’t forget to click Add button.

Change your foreground color to white, choose paintbrush tool, and pick a brush type/size/dynamics. From the image below you can see, I choose pencil brush, increase the size, and dynamics: pencil shader.

Now, you can start painting on its transparency canvas. I like to change brush type during this process. I open another image as layer to create a more interesting result.

If you happy with the final look you can apply the mask by right click on layer mask and choose apply layer mask.

That was it. Simple, right?. I hope this article version can make you understand the task of masking using brush tool. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel because I’m planning to record a video version. Thank you for stop by and reading my blog, and I see you on next tutorial. Ciao…

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