[Blender 3D] The Making of Harry Potter Witch Hat.

This is so exciting!. Raise your hand if you’re a fans of Harry Potter. I probably not a big fans of this franchise, but I absolutely enjoy every movies of it. It is definitely a magical world. So I came to this idea to create a harry potter witch hat. I’m writing this hoping you all will like it. For this learning course, we will use NURBS (Non Uniform Rational Boolean Surface) technique to create the hat. In simple meaning, Nurbs is a face that created from different joint objects.

Now, let’s begin…shall we?.

Make a new blender file and for the bottom part of the hat, go add a Shift + A —> Surface —> Nurbs Circle.

Next step we will make the middle and top part of the hat. I think it’s easier if you split your scene viewport to 3 viewport: perpective, top ortho, and front ortho. Read this article to learn how to split viewport.

For the middle part of the hat, duplicate (Shift + D) the nurbs circle, move it a little bit to Z axis, scale (S) it, and the rotate it (R). Repeat this process 3 times. The result should like mine below. Basically all the nurbs has to be look like a shape of witch hat. Feel free to make some adjustment if you need to.

And for the end of this witch hat, you need to duplicate and scale it to small nurbs.

At this stage, we are finish building the 2d frame of the hat. Next step is to turn this shape to a 3d model.

Fill Surface:

If I count, I have 6 Nurbs Circle. I’m gonna join them all by select all (A) and click Join button.

If you enter edit mode, you will see each curve having their own control point.

To fill this empty nurbs circle, all you have to do is press F (Fill) on keyboard.

Avada Kedavra!. Tadaaaa.

Well, this is awkward. The end of the hat is not closing Hahaha. Don’t worry, guys. We can fix it with a couple of click on Surface Editor. Select the very top end nurbs circle and active Endpoint = V.

After a little bit of tweak on its nurbs control, here’s my render result. You can apply your own adjustment if you need too.

It’s too simple for harry potter witch hat, huh?. I’m planning to add more detail like belt and hogwart logo on it. But, you only can find it on my next article. So, if you don’t want to miss it, please subscribe to this blog or follow me on social media. Thank you for spend your time to read this blender 3d tutorial.

Have a nice day, friends!.

2 thoughts on “[Blender 3D] The Making of Harry Potter Witch Hat.”

  1. How were you able to join the nurbs circles? for some reason blender just joins them all into one plane of circles instead of keeping shape…

    1. Hello, Bryanna. After you done with your nurbs circle, dont forget to press F to fill them, and then you need to convert it to Mesh (Alt+C —> mesh from curve/meta/surf/text). Or click on Object menu on bottom panel and look for Convert to.

      I hope its help.

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