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4 Best Free Blogging Platform to Join.


On my previous post, I gave you 5 points based on my experience why people should start blogging. If you missed it, you probably want to check it out. Hopefully, one of the reasons I mentioned can open your mind and get you thinking to blogging. If you do, then it must be confuse for beginner to start. Questions like ” what website to use to create a blog? “ or ” are they free or paid? “.

Well, to answer your question I write this blogging article to help you to decide what is the right blogging platform for you to use. By far, in blogging world these are the best blogging platform to join. Continue reading 4 Best Free Blogging Platform to Join.

5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog.

source: britannica

To be honest, my experience with blogging world is not much. I have my first blog in 2010, and it’s not that kind of personal blog that people have in the beginning of blogging. My blog consist a several category mix between my favorite tv show post to some 3d tutorial. I even don’t know what is niche mean. Until one day, a male blogger who lives in the same city as me, add me on Facebook. Yup, that time I spend most of my online time on playing Facebook  * grin *.

So we talk and he told me several points why people should start blogging. Along with my years experience, here’s why:

1. Productive Time to Learn Something New.

How much time a day you spend online?. And doing what?. Most people I know in real life can spend 2 – 4 hours a day playing games online or add comment on ridiculous status or photos on Facebook. With that hours, if you start blogging, you will learn a lot of new thing. Either it’s about coding, SEO, social media, or Internet marketing.

I like to learn something new, so these thing excited me. It need time to get used to edit HTML code and practice SEO, I’m not an expert yet, but I know more now. That’s why I started this blog * grin *. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog.