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Yellow/Walnut Flair Chair

I personally love this retro but modern flair chair from LumiSource. Still on my 70s asset furniture series, if you looking for chair added in bedroom, living room, dining room, or a small space work in your house. This chair give any room a sophisticated, chic, and vintage feeling. The color, fabrics, and the structure give an instant to the room. It will immediately attract people attention when they enter you 70s room.

Contact me if you want to purchase its 3d blender model.


Emily Midcentury Modern Desk

This table inspired by a simplicity and elegant from the 70 style design. As a furniture, it’s very practical, offer a lot of space, and a strong built product. The 70 interior inspiration can create a colorful room. This table can give a neutral simple touch. You can work with a laptop, computer desktop, or typewriter. Only 2 color on this product will give the room a calm atmosphere.

Contact me if you want to purchase its 3d blender model.

Jessica Cream Bed by Birlea

This 3d blender asset, Jessica Cream Bed by Birlea is my first interior furniture for 70s style. I’m starting this series and later will add more asset from the era, like chair, desk, etc. This bed set made of metal bars with crystal on each of them. The crystal give a sparkling effect and a nice element addition for the bed frame.

Contact me to purchase the 3d model blender file.