4 Website That Connect Your Blog and Social Media.

Blogging will not required a lot of your time if you only have 1 blog. But, what if in the future you enjoy it and decided to become a full time blogger, and suddenly you have 5 blogs to manage. If you have extra money you can hire virtual assistant, pro blogger, or you can just do it yourself.
To gain blog popularity and get traffic, one of the trick you can do is sharing your post to social media like twitter & facebook. Do it manually is take a lot of time. But, now there’s a service to do the job. Website that let your blog, twitter, and facebook connected.
Here’s 4 website that i usually use for this matter:

1. Feedburner.
This is one of my favorite, that’s why I place it on #1. Like i mentioned before on my previous post, feedburner is a google product. Viewers trust is big when they see the short link structure like this: goo.gl/fb/12345. Unfortunately, the only social media you can add is twitter.
2. RSS Graffiti.
To connect your blog and facebook you can use RSS graffiti app. This app will grab your feed url and publish them on your personal account and business page at the same time in form of post title and thumbnail. I have 2 publishing plan there, and it’s still free.
3. Dlvr.it
I just discovered this website so not long ago. The advantage of this website from two service above is they can deliver your blog post to almost all valuable social networking out there like twitter, facebook, linkedin, and google +. If you see your post don’t publish instantly, do not worry, it’s in queue, and like any other service, they are wait when is the right time to tweet your feed.
You only allowed to have 5 free route. If you have more, you need to upgrade.
4. Hootsuite.
Hootsuite is social networking client platform. A website where you can organize all your social media from 1 place. Easy, fast, and save time. However not many user know that you also can connect your blog & social media. Just go to setting > rss/atom. However hootsuite only give you 5 free social networking account and 2 free feed url.
Which one is the best for you is depends on your needs. I honestly use 4 of them for different goal. If you out of hand to handle your blog social media connection, I hope this article is helpful. See you next time, guys!.

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