Create Your Blogger First Post.

After you create a blogspot blog, give it url & title name, install new template, and organize your layout, it’s time to publish your first post. Exciting time, yay!. But, firstable make sure your blog already in the clean construction. The gadgets you need added and the navigation added correctly.

I always make my blog well represent before i starting publish post. So, if you new to create a blog post and kinda scare you’ll be click the wrong button, this is a guidelines for beginner blogger.

1. After you log in to your blogger account, you will see the list of blogs you own. Click on the button tha have pencil symbol with orange background.

2. Now, you’re on compose post window. Enter your post tittle on the top box, and starting writing content. I suggest you write your draft on notepad and paste them on compose mode. One tips, if you write on notepad, un-check the word wrap format, so when you paste the text, it will fill the entire content box and not just in half and have space between sentences.

If you want to check your HTML tags if it’s clean, go to HTML mode and remove the unnecessary tags/code/line.

On right sidebar. Don’t forget to write label or category what the post is about, set your permalink (you can customize it as you want or use the url blogger give you), and write your search description. The search description is very useful to help search engine crawl what your post content is about.

But, this feature won’t be enable if you don’t write your meta tags description on setting tab. Go to Settings —> Search Preferences.

If you want to schedule the post to publish it the next day, you can set it on Published on. And i just leave the Option just the way it is.

Once you finish writing post content, click Preview to see how it look, Save if you still want to add something later, or click Publish button if you satisfy with the content.

Okay, that’s it. Pretty simple, right?.

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