Delete Blog on Settings Section.

Hello guys, here’s another short blogspot tutorial for you. I was about to write a long more depth blogging article this morning, but then i saw from my keyword search someone is looking for how to delete a blogger/blogspot blog. Come on guys, don’t be a lazy blogger. Go explore all blogspot dashboard section, and try them. If it’s too technical then it’s time to google.

Some people probably wondering why would someone decided to delete their blog. There’s one main reason i think of from my experience, which is the blog received a google penalty, and the webmaster won’t be able to recover from it no matter what they do to fix the blog. I had experience that once. And there’s no other choice but delete it and start all over again.
Hopefully, none of you will have that experience. But, if one day you have to delete the blog, no matter what cause it, this is how to do it.

1. As usual, log in to your blogger dashboard, and choose Settings —> Other. On blog tools, click Delete blog text.
2. Blogger will prompt you a question if you want to download/save your blog content. Click on download blog button. After the downloading process finish, click on Delete This Blog button. You can restore the blog within 90 days before it’s completely removed.
If you want to dismiss the blog permanently from search engine, remove your blog url on GWT. I will write about this on next post. Thanks for reading, bloggers!.

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