Linkwithin and Outbrain Related Post Widget.

In my post about 11 widgets you need to install on blogspot blog, I added Related Post widget on #3. Related widget is a powerful tool for readers to discover your old posts. If you write post in same topic or category, those posts will show up on the bottom of each post. They will display in text link or thumbnails, its all you choice.

There are several websites that offer you the service, some of them are free, required sign up, and some of them don’t. I always mix those choices, text link – thumbnail, and required sign up and not required sign up. Two of my favorite website are Linkwithin and Outbrain.
Adding them is very easy. In this post I’m gonna show you how to add these 2 websites tool on blogspot.┬áJust follow the steps below:

Linkwithin Related Post Widget.

Linkwithin is free and doesn’t ask you to register to use their service. To get the code, you only have to fill the box they’re ask in one page. See these picture for guidelines.
1. Go to Linkwithin website.

2. Fill all required box: Email, blog URL, platform, and width for how many related post you wanna show. I always choose the maximal, 5. If your blog has dark background, check the box.

3. Click Get Widget.
Linkwithin will give you instruction. It will direct you to gadget window, ask you which blog you want to add. Choose the blog, place the gadget below blog post gadget, and click Save.
4. View blog.

Outbrain Related Post Widget.

Outbrain is another website that offer user free and paid service. All my blogs use Outbrain free membership. Even with free membership, they give you best information about your click stats, which is very useful for blogger. With paid membership, Outbrain will give you more advantage like promote your blog, etc. Follow the steps below to add Outbrain widget on blogspot.
1. Go Outbrain and sign up. It’s free registration.

2. On your your home page, choose manage blogs, and click add blog button.

3. Now fill and check what its required. Such as what’s your blogging platform, blog url, blog language, text link or thumbnail, check the box that you agree to their TOS, click continue. The next process is like linkwithin process. If you only have one blog, it will direct you to LayOut. If you have multiple blogs, you will asked which blog to add the widget.

4. Place the widget below blog post widget. Save it.

5. Now view your blog.

Big websites like TIME, Rolling Stone, and CNN Outbrain using Outbrain service. So if you’re not happy with one related post widget service, i suggest you to try Outbrain.

Okay, that’s it. I hope this blogspot tutorial is useful for you. If you have questions just ask below. Thank you for reading!.

3 thoughts on “Linkwithin and Outbrain Related Post Widget.”

  1. I'm having a problem trying to install the widget. When I click "Add widget" it does not allow me to do it because the widget's content is empty. How can I solve this?

  2. Im aware theres an error on linkwithin gadget. You can contact their support. But, if you go to other service, to prevent this, when you click get gadget, you can check gadget html box and copy it manually, then paste it on html gadget.

    Hope this helpful!.

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