[WordPress] Searching/Installing New Theme and Plugin.

For WordPress beginner, the admin dashboard probably a little intimidate. Specially if you come from simple dashboard like tumblr or blogspot. But, if you want to step up your game in blogging world, I suggest you to switch to WordPress. I like WordPress because I can actually own the content. It’s mine. I also have a freedom to customize it. Unlike tumblr and blogspot, the platform can shut down your blog anytime you violate their TOS. Also access WordPress theme editor is easier.

When you finally decide to use WordPress self hosted platform, you probably want to install your new theme and plugin. Well, this beginner WordPress tutorial written for you. By the way, if you want to know why you should join tumblr, read this article.

Install New Theme on WordPress:

Make sure you already have the themes file. You can download it for free or purchase it from marketplace like themeforest. I suggest you to buy premium theme as time invest in the future. The theme file usually in .zip file.

Now, after you log in to your wp admin page, go to appearance —> themes. You can search themes from WordPress library or choose one of the theme display. But, if you already downloaded new theme, click on Add New button.

Next click on Upload Theme.

Choose the theme file from your folder and click install. Wait the installation process until it’s finish.

You will see your new theme on the list, click Activate button. When you done, you can click on Customize button if you want to put information, description, etc about your blog.

Install New Plugin on WordPress:

Beside theme, I usually search and install plugin immediately. The steps is quite similar with installing new themes. On sidebar, click on plugin, and then click the Add New button. Or you can choose plugins —> add new instead.

Click on upload plugin button if you already have the file or search the plugin name. Next process is like when you install new theme. Choose the plugin file and click Install now button.

This time I’m gonna show you the example by install from plugin list that display on the page. I will choose the BuddyPress plugin. After I finish the installation process I click Activate button.

That’s it!. You’re done. You can check on your plugins list, and maybe in the future you can deactivate, edit, or change its setting if you want.

This wordpress blogging tutorial for beginner should be difficult to follow. But, if you still have problem, please leave me a comment below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!.

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