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Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface.

Finally, a 3d tutorial has arrive to this blog, I myself is very exciting to share what I know about blender 3d. My first 3d software is Autocad, that is back in the university student days :). Just like many architecture student, we like to modeling in Autocad and render them on 3ds Max, right?. I wrote autocad & 3ds max tutorial on my tumblr blog. If anyone want to check the out, go head. But, a little warning, they are in old version. Like I said that was a long time ago :).

My 3d software adventure then continue to sketchup and finally here we are Blender 3D. I tried Blender before, but couldn’t get a hang of it because the confuse of its UI. Now, I’m back and regret why I gave up on Blender a long time ago. Anyway, here we are :).

Blender UI can be confusing, even for people who already familiar with 3d software. If you having difficult time, just keep going. It’s only a habit. I honestly think Blender is one of the best 3d software out there, it offer you so many benefit and tool to use in visual field. I’m still learning too, but I want to share what I know so far to people who might be struggle with it.

So, let’s get started with Blender UI!. Continue reading Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface.