Lathe with Bevel Technique (Bowl Object) in Blender 3D.

I haven’t use 3ds max in the long time, but I remember if you want to create a glass, you can use Lathe modifier, and on Autocad or Adobe Illustrator there’s a tool called Surface of Revolution ( SurfRev ). And for Blender 3D, there are a few technique you can use:

  • Curve Bevel Object.
  • Screw Modifier.
  • Mesh Spin Tool.

For this tutorial, we will use Lathe with Bevel technique. So, let’s get start it, okay?.

Lathe with Bevel Object:

Before we get to make actual glass object, we will play a little bit with this tool. Press numpad 1 to display front viewport and then numpad 5 to switch from Perspektif to Orthogonal. For a support object, add a mesh —> plane. The reason we created plane mesh is to have the 3d cursor attach all the time.

Go to Object Data panel and change Maximum Draw Type = Wire. Because plane is only supported object click on its camera icon on outline panel.

Drawing 2D Curve:

Now, we’re about to start drawing a 2d curve on blender. Shift + A and choose menu Curve —> Bezier. Don’t forget to check the Align to View box. Enter Edit mode and adjust all the vertex and bezier position like I showed you on my logo tutorial. Choose the bottom bezier and add another one with left click + ctrl.

To make the vertex sharp, press V and choose Vector. Or on Tool Shelf choose Tools tab and click Vector.

Now you already know both of feature I mentioned above, go create a bezier path like mine below. Back to Object mode when you done.

Make sure the 3d cursor is still in the middle of plane, which mean on the right side of our 2d curve. Next Shift + A, choose Curve —> Circle. Set the radius 1. You won’t see the object until switch to 3d viewport.

To make our 2d bezier follow our circle path, go to Object Data icon and choose BezierCurve on Bezier Object option.

Bowl Lathe Bevel

Tadaaaaa!. We have a magic bowl!.

What do you think of this bowl lathe bevel technique?. I really hope this simple and short article someday will useful for your future project. On next posting, we will take this feature to the next level by experiment with all its option so there are a several shape we can create. Subscribe to this blog, so you won’t miss it!. Thank you for reading, friends!.

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