Create Ceramic Object with Screw Modifier ( Blender 3D ).

How’s your vase object that we learn from previous posting?. Tweet me a photo of it. In this a very short tutorial, I wanna introduce another Screw Modifier use to create ( in this case ) a ceramic object. You can open new blender file or open Vase file and working on new layer so you can more focus. Set your viewport to Front Ortho ( Numpad 1 and Numpad 5 ), and then create a Curve with Shift + A —> Curve —> Bezier, check the Align to View box.

With all you learning about 2d curve, please make a curve like below:

Back to Object Mode, create an empty cube with command Shift + A —> Empty —> Cube. Place the new object on the right side of the curve.

Active the curve object and give it the Screw Modifier.

If you move the empty object to the left or right, the shape will automatically change as well.

These are a few tips you can experiment with to get more cool ceramic shape:

  • Enter Edit Mode and play with the 2d curve.
  • Change Angle, Steps and Render Steps value on Screw Modifier set.
  • Rotate the Empty Cube.

Here’s mine after I add Hemi lamp.

Ceramic Screw

What do you think?. Is this Ceramic Screw blender 3d tutorial is the one you looking for?. I really hope it’s somehow useful for your next assignment. Leave question or comment below and don’t forget to share & follow me on twitter. See you soon!.

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