[Blender 3D] Hogwarts Logo on Wizard Hat.

I’m sure most of you who reading this article are a new visitor. A short brief from me though, this article is part 2 of my Harry Potter witch hat. Read that link if you want to know how I create the hat part. Like I said at the end of part 1 article, I’m going to add a hat belt and hogwarts logo on it.

Basically there 2 method that we can use to create the hat belt. I’m gonna show both of them and let you decide, okay?.

1. ShrinkWrap.

It will be easy and look sophisticated if you choose to use Shrinkwrap modifier. But, it also not neat. Open your Harry Potter hat blender file, convert hat to become a Mesh object so we can edit its vertex/edge/face. Use command Alt + C and choose Mesh From Curve/Meta/Surf/Text.

After that add a Cylinder object.

Now, here’s the secret. Select the cylinder object and apply the ShrinkWrap modifier. Check Keep Above Surface box and choose SurfCircle on Target box.

If you move the cylinder, it will move along the hat surface. Go head, try it. The disadvantages using this method is the cylinder is not quite flexible. But, you can trick it by adding another segment with Loop Cut and Slide (Ctrl + R) command.

2. Duplicate Face.

This second method is more like a manual work. On edit mode, select all faces where you want to put the hat belt.

Now separate these faces from the hat object by press P —> Selection. Back on object mode, if you try to move it, you will see it’s already separated.

To add some thickness you can apply the Solidify modifier.

Hogwarts Logo:

I search “hogwarts student witch hat” on internet and got this as a result. So I’m gonna use it as my image reference. For this job, I’m just gonna use plane object and edit it using all transformation feature. I’m not gonna show you a step by step process because it’s just a repetition work.

Note: I also use knife (K) and Loop Cut (Ctrl + R) to create the badge. For the text, here’s a post where I show blender beginner how to add 3d text.

I also not pay too much attention to the material, because the purpose to this learning is to show you how to make 2d nurbs circle become a 3d object. So, here’s my result:

What you all think?. Hopefully at least one Harry Potter fan approve hehehe.

Still in wizard world, I’m thinking the next post is about Star and Magic Wand. Stay tune to this blog, thank you for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe. See ya!.

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