[Blender 3D] Make a Hole For Window’s Frame.

Now we already have the wall, the next step is make a hole for window and door. This tutorial is a little bit complicated at first, but once you understand the idea, it’ll be easy for your next project.

Create a cube object that have the same size with your window. I make mine X:90cm ; Y:40cm ; Z:1.5m. Make sure your Y value is bigger than wall’s thickness.

Clone the cube (Alt + D) as many as you want for the windows count and place them on the wall.

We choose the clone it so next time we want to edit the cube, the rest of its clone will automatically change.

Select all the cube window (Shift + Right Click) and join them together (Ctrl + J). Name this new object window.

Now. Here’s how you make a hole on the wall. Select the wall object and add Boolean modifier. On Operation: Difference and Object: Window.

You already have your window’s hole, but to make it visible you need to move the cube to another layer. Select the window cube, press M, and click slot layer number 2.

Window Frame:

For its frame you can approach with different way. You can build them from cube or plane object. This time I choose plane.

I resize its dimension and place it on bottom part of the hole. And then I extrude it to 5cm. Duplicate it and place the copy on the top part of the hole.

Copy one of the frame cube, resize, and place them to other sides.

Now, you can clone it based on your window counts. Make a second frame for glass if you want. The last modeling is the glass. Same like frame, I create the glass from plane object. Here’s the result after I add simple material.

Hole Window Frame

Click links below if you don’t know how to add these basic material.

1. Basic Material.
2. Wood Material.
3. Glass Material.

We still need door for this house, right?. Okay, next tutorial I’ll show you how to make one. See you next time!.

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