Create An Island with Nurbs Surface Pt.1 [Blender 3D].

Hello guys, how are you?. I hope you have a wonderful holidays with your friends and family in this festive season. I have a spare time to sneak in this create an island with nurbs surface Pt.1 Blender 3D tutorial for you. We’re done a lot of interior scene or object in our previous posts, right?. This time we need a little bit fresh air, so we will learning modeling an island. There are a couple of tool that we will add along the way:

  • Nurbs Surface
  • Proportional Editing
  • Particle Hair
  • Clouds Voronoi
  • AddOn Sabling
  • Halo Lamp
  • Papersky Background

I won’t publish them all in one article. That’s why this post tittle is part 1 hahaha. If you don’t want to miss my next tutorial, make sure to subscribe via email or feed.

Let’s begin then…

1. Open blender software, add Shift+A —> Surface —> Nurbs Surface. You’ll notice the origin point will be place a bit far away from surface object. To fix this left click on the middle of surface and then on shelf tool ( T ) click Set Origin = Origin to 3D Cursor.

Island with Nurbs Surface 1

2. Enter edit mode and there are a nets surrounded the surface. You can use it as a handler. On surface editor, active Endpoint U and V, so the boundary of nets and surface is in the same level.


3. Move the vertex on nets boundary until the surface shape like an island. I think you can play a little bit this time. Just remember, make it simple, don’t over do it. Also if you want the surface has more detail density, set the Resolution U and V to 6. To view the surface object on wireframe mode press Z.

After you happy with your island shape, you need to make the surface become a normal mesh by click Object —> Convert To —> Mesh From Curve/meta/Surf/Text.

Now, we will add more bump on our little island with proportional Editing.

Proportional Editing in Blender 3D:

First, make sure you’re on edit mode and vertex mesh is active. Try to pull 1 vertex. It’s too sharp, isn’t it?. Ctrl+Z to cancel the command and then enable Proportional Editing with Fall Off = Smooth. The shortcut is O or access it through 3d view header panel.

Select one or multiple vertex and move it up along Z axis. At the same time play with your wheel mouse ( scroll up – scroll down ) to set the radius of Proportional Editing. Repeat the process on other part of surface so it will look like more like real island. Make some adjustment if you need too.

Because we’re already apply some changing on this object, we need to remove its transformation path so there will be no distortion when we add a modifier. Go to Object —> Apply —> Rotation & Scale ( Ctrl+A ).

Here’s my result after I change the world background color 🙂

I think this is it, the end of part 1 from this island tutorial. On next post we will learning about grass material and other stuff. Don’t want to miss my next article?, then go to subscribe, guys!. If you find this create an island with nurbs surface Pt.1 Blender 3D tutorial is useful please share it on social media. Some user might need it.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!.

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