[Blender 3D] Simple Magic Lamp and Cloth.

Looks who’s back, back again :). Hello guys, do you miss me?. I’ve been taking some time off from this blog and visiting family. But, I’m back again with a new blender 3d tutorial. Yayyyy… From my last article I show you how to create a magic wand with a star on the top of it. In this post we will make a simple magic lamp cloth. The process only using some of basic object with Checker Deselect feature.

Okay, let’s just begin…

Add a Cylinder object and resize its height like this:

After that, select the top vertex and scale it a little bit smaller.

On next step, we will learn a new trick by turn selection. Maybe before you approach this selection by choose face one by one, but with Checker Deselect we can select it quickly. Make sure you on face mesh method, and the side faces already selected ( you can use C select for this task ), and then click Select —> Checker Deselect.

Duplicate the selected objects and scale them bigger.

Here’s the tricky part. You need to create a new faces by connected the vertex on our duplicate object. Select the vertex first and press F. Apply it to all our new faces. I know this part is confusing for beginner, so if you have question just leave below. You can modify like mine below or just improvise as you wish.

For the magic ball you can create a Icosphere object.

Cloth Object:

For the cloth, it’s just very simple. We just need to create a Plane Mesh, enter Edit mode, and subdivide it ( W ) in like 30x cuts.

Prepare your cloth material, and then you can apply it on this plane object.

Don’t forget to unwrap it by go to edit mode ( Tab ), select all the faces ( A ), and click Unwrap button on Shading/UVs sidebar. For a quick preview, you can change you method of display: Material.

Quiet easy, right?. Told ya. Hopefully you can follow my instruction above. Thank you for reading this magic lamp cloth article and I see you on next tutorial. Cheers!.

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