[Blender 3D] The Making of Roof & Its Material.

This the making of roof & its material is the final part of our house making blender 3d tutorial. If you missed the previous parts, please check links below:

1.Wall modelling.
2.Make a hole for window.
3.Open door and floor.

For roof the basic object we will use is plane. So, go add plane with dimension like below:

Enter edit mode, active the top face, and extrude it with thickness 0.3.

Extrude again with thickness 3 meters.

To make it look like a roof you can click Shrink/Flatten button or shortcut Alt + S, and move your mouse. But, right now, I can’t use this method. I don’t know, maybe there’s bug on my blender software or setting preference that I unaware of.

So, what I did is turn to vertex mesh mode, select these two vertex, and merge them ( Alt + M —> Center ).

Repeat the same process to other vertex.

Switch to front view, select the top vertex and press Shift + S —> Selection to Grid to make them sit right on the grid.

Next, I cut one part of the face using knife ( K ) like below:

And move to this position:

Select the new face and extrude to Y align. Don’t forget to add extrude on bottom face.

Roof Material:

For roof material, you can use mapping method like I show you on minecraft and ice cream tutorial. But this time, I’m gonna use a short method. For preparation, active Shading = GLSL and shading Viewport = Texture.

Active roof object, click Material editor, and on texture editor click New button. Rename the material and upload your texture image. To make it more interactive, change coordinates = object and projection = flat.

Because we choose coordinates = object, then we need to create one. Press Shift + A —> Empty —> Cube. If you render the scene, you will have the roof is not in right size & direction. To fix it, we need to be cheat a little bit. Active the roof object, click on Material editor, and make a new material by click + sign. I name it roof 2 and place it above roof.

Here’s the cheating part. Edit your roof texture image on gimp/photoshop and rotate it to 90d. The next step is to apply it on roof 2 material and texture.

Please remember, you need to enter roof object edit mode first, select the wrong direction faces, and then create a new texture by using the edit image.

For the light, I choose sun and you can see my world setting below:

Render result:

I know it can be confusing for beginner blender 3d, so if you have question, just comment or contact me via twitter. See you on next tutorial!.

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