[Gimp] Create Photo Frame Effect with Quick Mask.

So, this is the second masking trick I want to show you guys. Compare to masking with paintbrush technique, quick mask is more easier. However I only use quick mask if my selection area is geometry and static. If I want to display more dynamic or artsy area I usually use paintbrush. A good example is to create photo frame effect with quick mask on gimp.

Open a new image file, again I have my nephew here :). First create a selection area you want to show. You can use any type of selection tool you want. This time I choose rectangle selection.

Next, click on Quick Mask icon on left corner of image canvas. The red color will appear outside our selection area.

Now, it’s time to play a little bit by adding photo frame effect, okay?. Right click on image, go to filters —> Distort —> Whirl and Pinch. Or you can pick any option under Filters. I also add wave filter.

Once you happy with your filter setting, click again the quick mask icon so the frame effect will become selection.

Because it’s a frame effect we want to remove area outside the selection. This time I choose to use pattern. However, you need to switch to invert selection by click select —> invert. After that click pattern tab, pick which pattern you want, and drag it on canvas. It should be like this:

You also can copy the image layer and change the mode to Grain Merge. By the way I change my background to gradient.

What do you think of my final result?. I kinda like it. It’s simple but catchy. Okay guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube, cos the video version will upload soon. Thank you for always stick with me and I see you on next article. Have a nice day!.

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