[Blender 3D] Give Faucet a Quick Fluid Effect.

If on my little island tutorial I show you how to add an ocean water, in this article we will learn another water apply that called quick fluid. This is the right effect for our faucet object. Hopefully by the end of this article we can see the actual water comes out from the faucet. Finger crossed first hahaha.

Open the previous practice blender 3d file, and for the fluid source let’s create a Sphere. Place it inside faucet mouth.

Like what we learnt from smoke effect, this Sphere will act as Flow. Next step is to create the leak water by adding Object —> Quick Fluid. You will see a cube that its function as Domain.

To see the fluid, active the cube (domain), go to Physic, and click Bake. Wait until the fluid simulation is finish.

When the simulation is finished, you can play animation to see the result.

If you want to resize the domain, make sure to apply it before you bake to save headache in the future :). The simulation sometimes not successful after you make some adjustment to domain area.

You also can add a Point lighting with energy: 2, sample: 8, and soft size: 1. For more realistic atmosphere, active Ambient Occlusion with Factor = 0.5.

That’s it. Easy and quick, right?. Hopefully you find this article helpful for your current project. Let me know if you have question and leave me a comment below. See ya!.

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