Let’s Play with Texture Paint in Blender 3D.

As a continuity from our last article how to create an organic object (mango), now we will learn how to texture paint on the object. You can use blender default object for this practice, but if you curious about how to make a fruit you can click on that link above. Before we do some painting, I advice you to peel mango skin with mark seam.

Peel Mango Skin with Mark Seam Technique:

After you apply the subdivision surface modifier, enter to edit mode, and now the object display in wireframe.

From here, active edge mode so we can add some border on the skin. Next, select 1 segment of vertical & horizontal edge loop like I did below and click mark seam button.

After that select all edge/face and click Unwrap —> Unwrap.

Change one of your editor panel to image editor and you’ll see the skin already have 4 peel section.

Texture Paint in Blender 3D:

Now, it’s time to painting!. First change the object mode to Texture Paint. The tool shelf will display brush panel automatically and our mango will turn to black.

Choose green color and just start painting.


Two shortcut you probably need during this process is F (Radius) and Shift + F (Brush Transparency).

Here’s my result.

Texture Paint

What you all think?. It’s pretty cool, huh. Next article I’m gonna show you the alternative brush for painting and we will work more on skin texture so it look realistic. So stay tune, subscribe, and follow me on twitter!.

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