Download Video File (Youtube) by Copy the Codec with VLC Player.

Hey, guys!. I’m back again with a little tips that I learnt during my internet browsing time hehehe. If my previous post show you how to save web page article to pdf file, this time I’m gonna show you how to download video file particularly from youtube by copy the codec with VLC player. VLC is like a common video player for PC. It’s available for almost computer OS out there.

Most user only using it to watch movie file without realize other useful feature that can save their time and maybe hard disk storage :). One of the powerful tool that VLC offer is the access to download a (youtube) video file. How?, well, keep reading, folks :)…

First thing first, open youtube video page that you want to download and copy its url address.

Now, open your vlc player, go to Media —> Open Network Stream. Select Network tab and paste the url address on the box. Don’t forget to click Play button.

Wait until the video playing on vlc player. Once it’s playing, go to Tools —> Codec Information. And then copy the codec on location box (Ctrl + A – Ctrl + C).

Next, create a new tab on your browser and paste the codec on address bar.

Now, we’re going to save the video that already playing. You can use shortcut Ctrl + S or right click on video and select Save Page As. A new window will appear. You need to rename the file, because by default the name will be “videoplayback” or something.

If you don’t remember the original title, do not worry. Back to your vlc player, go to Tools —> Media Information, click on General tab. You can get the original youtube video title from there. After the video downloading finish, open the file with vlc or other video player. Enjoy!.

Don’t forget to share this posting with your friends and family. Like always, thank you for reading!.

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