Sending Encrypted Files with Firefox Send.

In today’s internet era, there are so many service out there that offer file sharing feature. On my own personal experience, I like to send file using messenger application like whatsapp, telegram, and fb messenger only for friends and family. Maybe because they are not secretly files hahaha.

But for the work use, one of the most commonly used file sharing is email or cloud-based such as dropbox. The services I mentioned above are private or public. What if we want it public but also private and encrypted (confidential) ?. You can try the latest services from Firefox/Mozilla Foundation named Firefox Send.

Firefox Send allows us to send files in large sizes, 1 to 2.5 GB, encrypted with expire time that can be determined. To send files more than 1GB but under 2.5GB you must sign in with a Firefox account. You can upload multiple files in 1 session. Continue to select the expire download period based on the number or days. If the file only for certain people, you can set the protected with a password option. Don’t forget to click the Upload button.

As usual you will immediately given a download link. Share with other people and always remember to give an expired day warning. Enjoy…

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