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Very Basic Camera & Render Setting in Blender.

After you know my everyday viewport tricks, now I’m gonna show you a very basic camera and render setting in blender 2.77. Unlike sketchup, you only can render a scene from camera view. When I try render from blender for the first time I got confuse, but it’s actually easy. Blender default already have a complete scene: an object, a lamp, and a camera. Try F12 ( Render ) that scene. Now you will have a result like below:

basic render result in blender

How to Use Camera:

If you want to change your viewport to camera view, press numpad 0. From this view, you can see the border of your camera. This camera is lock, so you can’t zoom, pan, or rotate the scene from this setting. To be able to do those adjustment, there 3 ways that I usually use. Continue reading Very Basic Camera & Render Setting in Blender.

All Tricks to Master Blender 2.77 View and Viewport.

After my very first post about blender 2.77 user interface, now we move to view and viewport. Some new user will find it difficult to adjust because sometimes the general command that we used to other 3d software, maybe not working on blender 3d. You only have to spend more time on blender. There’s so many command to approach just one job, you can find it using numpad, menu option, or a mouse click/scroll. In this post I will only show you a command that I use the most.

Camera Orbit

By default you can play camera orbit with mouse, just hold the middle wheel mouse and move it around viewport, just like other 3d software.

Camera orbit blender 2.77

Continue reading All Tricks to Master Blender 2.77 View and Viewport.

Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface.

Finally, a 3d tutorial has arrive to this blog, I myself is very exciting to share what I know about blender 3d. My first 3d software is Autocad, that is back in the university student days :). Just like many architecture student, we like to modeling in Autocad and render them on 3ds Max, right?. I wrote autocad & 3ds max tutorial on my tumblr blog. If anyone want to check the out, go head. But, a little warning, they are in old version. Like I said that was a long time ago :).

My 3d software adventure then continue to sketchup and finally here we are Blender 3D. I tried Blender before, but couldn’t get a hang of it because the confuse of its UI. Now, I’m back and regret why I gave up on Blender a long time ago. Anyway, here we are :).

Blender UI can be confusing, even for people who already familiar with 3d software. If you having difficult time, just keep going. It’s only a habit. I honestly think Blender is one of the best 3d software out there, it offer you so many benefit and tool to use in visual field. I’m still learning too, but I want to share what I know so far to people who might be struggle with it.

So, let’s get started with Blender UI!. Continue reading Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface.