Protect (Don’t Steal) Your Post Image with Simple Code.

How many of you blogging your personal life and posting your personal photos. Photos that have your family and friends in it. It is almost impossible to avoid someone steal your personal photos. Google copyright warning on search image don’t have much effect when someone looking for picture on internet. People will right click and “save as” in seconds and boom your photo save in someone else’s computer.

Some of publisher can add caption source of the image or link it to original source. However, there is a tricky code that you can use not to prevent someone steal your photo, but they won’t get the photo completely in one good condition. When they download your picture, the final result only show white blank canvas.

The photo standard code usually like this:

<img width=”460″ height=”315″ src=””/>

Now, you just need to add a simple code by change src attribute and use css style to the image so it will create an empty photo. The code line will look like this:

<img style=”background-image:url(‘’);” src=” ///wAAACH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==” width=”500″ height=”375″/>

Just remember the size of the image must be the same as the original.

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