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Tips to Download Tumblr Video Directly from Chrome Browser.

I’m so happy that I can write another tips to download a video from internet. If on my previous post I show you how to download a youtube video, this time I’m gonna show you a simple method to download tumblr video directly from your browser. You don’t need a program for this, all you need just right click.

Even though I don’t spend so much time on tumblr, but I think tumblr is a great website if you looking some inpiration for art and design. And tumblr creators is so generous to share their talent by posting a work in progress kinda video. For my own learning process, I like to download some of them, and this is how I do it.

I’ll assume you already on tumblr page where you want to get its video, right?. Right click on video frame and choose view frame source.

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Download Video File (Youtube) by Copy the Codec with VLC Player.

Hey, guys!. I’m back again with a little tips that I learnt during my internet browsing time hehehe. If my previous post show you how to save web page article to pdf file, this time I’m gonna show you how to download video file particularly from youtube by copy the codec with VLC player. VLC is like a common video player for PC. It’s available for almost computer OS out there.

Most user only using it to watch movie file without realize other useful feature that can save their time and maybe hard disk storage :). One of the powerful tool that VLC offer is the access to download a (youtube) video file. How?, well, keep reading, folks :)…

First thing first, open youtube video page that you want to download and copy its url address.

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This is How I Save Web Pages as PDF File.

I’m taking a little bit of break posting about blender 3d tutorial. I hope those of you who follow this blog because of the topic won’t mind. I’m sure this some of you still found this web pages pdf tips somehow useful.

We all always depend on google when we searching information for our work references, right?. Some website is kindly enough to provide us with free ebook/pdf file and some are not, but I’m still thankful if I found what I’m looking for. Before I know this trick, I always save the web pages as html file (complete webpage). And if it’s too many on my folder, I hate to see all the html and its folder files. I only want 1 type of file exist that is pdf file.

Now, let’s say you on the page you searching for. For example, I’m gonna use my randomize vertex feature post. Instead of using your browser save page as feature, go to your browser file —> Print or just press Ctrl + P on keyboard. Your page will loading in print out layout, and next click on Save button.

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Download Youtube Media in MP3 Format.

I’m kinda person who loves listening to new music. Searching indie musician who haven’t discover by mainstream industry, and the best place to find them is youtube. But, when you download youtube media, the final download will be in video format. But, what if you just need the music file and we all know it’s hard to find a tool that available to do that.

However, i stumble to a website that let you convert youtube video to mp3 file, called All you have to do is just copy – paste the youtube url on the convert box and click convert button. Continue reading Download Youtube Media in MP3 Format.