Download Youtube Media in MP3 Format.

I’m kinda person who loves listening to new music. Searching indie musician who haven’t discover by mainstream industry, and the best place to find them is youtube. But, when you download youtube media, the final download will be in video format. But, what if you just need the music file and we all know it’s hard to find a tool that available to do that.

However, i stumble to a website that let you convert youtube video to mp3 file, called All you have to do is just copy – paste the youtube url on the convert box and click convert button.

It’s just take like 10 seconds to convert the video to mp3 file. When it’s finish there’s a thumbnail will appear. Click on download text link.

If you using chrome browser, the download process will display immediately at the bottom on the browser.
And if everything going smooth, you will get the MP3 file you want in the same quality as the video. Enjoy!.

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