Making of Animal [Horse] Lowpoly in Blender3d.

I just realize yesterday I haven’t publish a new blender3d tutorial for almost 9 months!. Phew, that was long… Anyway, I’m back again now and want to show you how I create this horse lowpoly in blender3d.

imjsu lowpoly horse blender3d
First thing you need to do is searching for the image reference. I got mine from this page, you can use it as well if you want. Create a new blender3d file and remove the default cube object.

Add an empty image object with command Shift A —> Empty —> Image. On Empty option click Open button and search for your horse reference picture.

Change the view to front view and rotate the empty image 90d align x axis. Basically we want to bring the horse image ref to front ortho view.

Now add cylinder object (Shift A —> Mesh —> Cylinder) and change the vertices to 12 instantly before you make some transformation command.

Scale it up and place it in the middle of horse body. Next rotate it to 90d so each side of vertices align x axis. Because we’re going to extrude this vertices. Rotate and scale it to image ref until you find the perfect spot to start modeling. Mine for example below:

Enter edit mode by press TAB on keyboard and select (B) all the vertices in left side. Change to wireframe mode (Z) for easier editing. To follow the horse body, extrude the vertices, rotate and scale if its necessary. Repeat the same process all along until it cover the body, head, and its back side.

And for its hair, you can select all the vertices in that area, extrude them upward, select all the faces and extrude to both side. After that you can pull down all the bottom edges so it’s hidden inside the horse body.

The same cylinder object and process also apply for its 4 legs, ears, and tail. It’s just the repetition method of add a cylinder — > scale & rotate —> extrude to follow the shape of horse —> scale & rotate again. For the tail you can select faces to create extend faces with different direction so the tail will look more natural.

And for the eyes, I just add Icosphere with just one subdivisions.

Later you can add more subdivide and a decimate modifier (triangulate) on each part of the horse so it give more lowpoly effect.

That was it. I know it’s not a detail step by step tutorial, but please subscribe to my youtube channel, so you will get notification when the video tutorial of this object publish. Thank you for reading my blog and don’t forget to follow my social media. Cheers!.

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