[Inkscape] Simple Animation Using Pattern Along Path Extension

How’s everyone doing in this love’s month?. I know it’s way too late, but I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day last week?. Or is it two weeks ago?. Hahahaha. Anyway, if you subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on instagram, you will see I have posted a simple animation for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a set of balloons with different colors that fly around the purple canvas. In this post I will show you how I created it on Inkscape, using an extension named Pattern Along Path.

Create new file, in portrait mode, and set the background color to dark purple. Or any color you want. You also can create a layer for this object.

After that make a heart shape using Bezier tool like the picture below. I usually just click follow the shape I want, instead of click + drag. Convert it to Object to Path and later I fix the nodes using all the nodes editor option. Arrange all the node points until you have the heart shape you like.

Now, draw a line with no fill option and snap it to the bottom of the heart object.

Select the heart object and fill it with red color. On fill setting choose fill-rule:evenodd. So the little heart that attach to the big one have no fill.

Next, you need to duplicate the heart shape, scale it smaller, change the color, maybe blue, rotate, and snap it to one point of line object.

Group the 3 object to 1 object and place it on the bottom of the canvas.

It’s time to use the pattern along path extension. But, first you need to draw the path. Like always just use Bezier tool, no fill, and arrange all the nodes point as you like.

Here’s what you have to remember. If you create a layer, make sure the heart layer is above the path layer. And if you are not, select the heart balloons object, and bring it to the top. Or just click Raise selection to top (Home) icon.

Select both of heart balloons & path objects, and go to Extension -→ Generate From Path -→ Patten along path. A dialog box will appear. Choose Repeated & Snake option, check the live preview box, and you will see instantly the result. Click apply & close.

You can hide or delete the path object if you want. Ungroup the new heart object, also break apart each of big heart, line, and little heart objects by access Path -→ Break Apart. Select 1 set of balloon and group it. Repeat to other objects. To make it easier, create new layer of each set, and you can name it red 1, red 2, red 3, etc.

To create a sequences of scene, you need to export the single layer one by one (.png file). And then using the video editor like iMovie to create the animation.

You probably confuse right now. That’s fine. I already have the youtube tutorial for this, just watch the video above, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Thank you for reading, share this article with your friends, and I see you next time.

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