Partial Solar Eclipse March, 9 2016 Manado, Indonesia

For the last few weeks, Indonesian media has been buzzing about a unique natural phenomenon that will pass through this country, Total Solar Eclipse. Too bad not all province, including where I live, have the privileged to witness it. We only can see Partial Solar Eclipse, but still people are excited.

After setting the alarm earlier than usual, at 6 am, I drive to this area called Mega Mas, Manado. For those who have never been to Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, this area is a commercial area, filled with private offices, malls, shops, and restaurants that are located on the Bay of Manado. It’s a front water area. Perhaps because it’s also a national holiday, there are a lot of people running, jogging, ride bicycle, and exercise.

After found a good spot and set the camera on its tripod, I wait and wait. After waiting an hour bonus, the weather starting overcast and a little bit cold. And then it’s happening.

Below is a video recording partial solar eclipse March 9, 2016 in Manado, Indonesia. Excuse for the amateurs result.

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